Tools needed to edit phpbb files.

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Tools needed to edit phpbb files.

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie » 5/26/2018 3:26 pm

Basics for opening and editing phpBB files

If you intend to modify any of the phpBB files, then you will need a
text editor.
MSWord or Wordperfect, or any kind of word processor, is not a text editor.
You can use notepad, it is not very user friendly for this.
You can use wordpad, it works pretty good.
You can download some other text editor and use it.
If you know how to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver properly, you can use one of
them. If you don't know how to use the pure text part of them, don't use them.
Netscape Composer won't work.

All of the phpBB files are just pure text. If you use something other than a pure
text editor, you will screw up the code and then it won't work.

I use and highly recommend :
EditPad Lite
It is free and has all the functions you will need in a text editor.

Ok, now you have a text editor, what next?

You will need a good ftp program. Once again, Dreamweaver and Frontpage are not ftp programs.
They will do some of the same things, but they are not what you need for this.

I use and highly recommend :
It is free and very easy to setup and use.

Assuming that you downloaded the phpBB zip file, you now have all the phpBB files
on your computer. When you want to edit one of the files for your forum, all
you have to do is find the appropriate file on your computer, edit it and
upload it to your server. It will overwrite the one there and that will be it.

What I do is create a folder on my computer and name it "working", then I put a
copy of the file I am working on in there. Then I do my edits, upload it to the
server, and see if it works. If it doesn't work, I do more edits and try again,
each time overwriting the one that is on the server.

If it all gets completely messed up, I still have the original in the zip file
to replace it with and I am back to normal.

I hope this is helpful for all.


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