using bigdump

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using bigdump

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie » 5/26/2018 3:29 pm

How to use BigDump to restore your phpBB database.

The best way I have found to restore a phpbb database ( or any other mysql database) is to use a program named BigDump:
Big Dump
It is free and makes restoring mysql database files of any size a breeze.
Download it and unzip it to your computer.

Follow these steps to restore your database backup file using BigDump:

1. Copy your current config.php to your computer

2. Open the bigdump.php file in a text editor ( wordpad is fine )

3. Where it asks for the database info, put in what is in your config.php file

Code: Select all

// Database configuration

$db_server   = "your info here";
$db_name     = "your info here";
$db_username = "your info here";
$db_password = "your info here";
Now, in the bigdump.php file, make sure these two settings are as

Code: Select all

$linespersession  = 3000;
$delaypersession  = 300;
then save the file.

4. Using ftp, go to your server and create a folder inside your phpbb folder, name it dump.

5. Upload your backup sql file and the bigdump.php file to that "dump" folder

6. In your browser, go to:

You should see the name of your backup file and a link to start the restore

Click on that link and wait. It will take some time for large files, but as long as you get no errors and
it does not stop, you will get a success message.

7. When you have a successful restore, be sure to delete or rename the dump folder as it is a security issue if you don't.

That is all there is too it.

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